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Mookie Betts walked off a bowling game with a strike and a Larry Bird no-look celebration

Baseball hasn't had a professional two-sport athlete since Drew Henson played in eight games with the Yankees in 2002-03 and nine others with the Cowboys and Lions. Mookie Betts could be the latest. Instead of football, Betts is a star bowler. After appearing in the World Series of Bowling and tossing a perfect game last winter, Betts took part in Chris Paul's annual Celebrity Invitational Charity Bowling Tournament. 
Needing eight pins to defeat J.T. "Action" Jackson, an actor and professional bowler, Betts approached his shot. After letting the ball go, Betts didn't bother sticking around. He sensed it was a strike -- his sixth in a row -- and celebrated with the Larry Bird lookaway. 

Unfortunately, Betts' team would lose in the finals. After the Red Sox outfielder converted a spare to give himself and pro bowler Tommy Jones a five-pin lead heading into the 10th frame, Chris Barnes gave himself and Paul the victory by "striking out" (a good term in bowling) in the final frame.
Either way, Betts has become an impressive double duty Dude. It can't be easy to construct bridges between baseball and bowling stardom, but Betts is doing precisely that.