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Mookie Betts bowled another perfect game because he's a two-sport superstar

Mookie Betts is havin' himself one heckuva month. As if the rapid approach of Spring Training and the unveiling of his R.B.I. 16 cover weren't enough to have him whistling everywhere he walks, the 23-year-old Red Sox outfielder bowled his second perfect game of the last few weeks on Wednesday.


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Betts is baseball's big two-sport superstar at the moment -- he participated in the World Series of Bowling earlier this offseason and didn't disappoint, rolling an average of 196.3 in the nine games of his first qualifying round, while posting scores of 249 and 237.


The big #3bills moment comes in wake of a heart-breaking round in which Betts botched his final roll to come up one pin short of perfection:

Lil practice with my boy! Did aite

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If his baseball game is as on point as his bowling, the Red Sox are going to be in great shape this season.