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Mookie Betts hits baseballs everywhere, including the broadcast booth

Mookie Betts is hitting baseballs all over the place for the Red Sox right now. Over the week heading into Sunday's game against the Blue Jays, he'd gone 11-for-26 with five home runs and a pair of doubles. It reached a point where it seemed like he'd never stop. As it turns out, even when he doesn't record a hit -- he went 0-for-3 in Boston's 5-4 loss to Toronto -- Betts still manages to send baseballs flying to interesting new heights. 
Case in point: In the sixth inning, amid Marco Estrada's no-hitter bid, Betts popped up a foul that sailed directly into the Fenway Park broadcast booth, where Dave O'Brien was there to almost reel it in:

Even though he didn't quite come up with it, it was still a good effort by O'Brien to stand up and put his body on the line -- unlike the ducking Steve Lyons.
And like we said, Betts is hitting baseballs everywhere right now. There may not be any spot in a 500-foot radius out of his range.