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We need to talk about Mookie Betts' totally absurd home run pace

So far this season, the Red Sox have enjoyed some elite-level play from young outfielders Jackie Bradley Jr. (with his recently-concluded 29-game hit streak) and Mookie Betts -- but it's Betts in particular who is simply existing in another universe right now.
In Tuesday night's 6-2 win over the Orioles, Betts stepped up and cracked a first-inning home run. He then hit two more homers later in the game, giving him a three-homer night. That's good.

For an encore, Betts opened Wednesday's game (which would be won by the Orioles, 13-9), with another leadoff shot and followed that up with a second round-tripper an inning later. For the math enthusiasts out there, that's … undeniably ridiculous:

In fact, what he did hadn't been done yet in league history ... ever:

To recap: Betts hit 18 homers in 2015, spread across 145 games and 597 official at-bats. So far this season, he's cracked 14 in 53 games and 233 at-bats.
If he kept up this pace, Betts would wind up with some gaudy numbers at season's end, as pointed out by's Scott Lauber.
For the sake of fun, let's suppose Betts proceeded to hit two home runs in the first two innings of every game remaining on Boston's schedule. That'd give him a season-ending total of 232 home runs.
Even if that doesn't happen (and it won't), Betts can also sit pretty knowing that he's also an expert-level bowler. Seriously, the man can do no wrong.