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Go inside the Spring Training home of Boston's young stars with Red Sox Cribs

With Opening Day just two days away (and a pitstop in Montreal before that), the Red Sox have left their Spring Training home of Jupiter, Fla., until 2017. But before they left, Sox youngsters Mookie Betts, Blake Swihart, Travis Shaw and Deven Marrero opened up their shared Spring Training residence for a special edition of Red Sox Cribs. 
While it may not be Mariah Carey's awards-filled New York City penthouse, it's still a pretty cool look at how professional ballplayers live during the month of March. 
Things you will learn watching the above video of Red Sox Cribs:
-Betts and Shaw's household responsibilities when they aren't driving golf carts into ponds
-The young Red Sox players' nap strategies, including where and when they like to nap, and why Marrero can never nap in his room
-How one football resulted in the loss of two cell phones into the watery depths 
-Which second-year catcher bakes a "pretty good" banana bread
Things you will not learn:
-The origin of this giant decorative (?) nutcracker: