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Mookie Betts somehow managed to drive a golf cart into a pond

Not everyone can be good at everything. That's just not fair. You can't, for instance, be great at baseball, bowlingRubik's Cubes and driving golf carts. The universe just wouldn't allow that much talent in one person.
But if you need a practical example to believe us, just look at Mookie Betts. He genuinely possesses the first three talents we mentioned, but when it comes to the golf cart thing ... well, we'll just let his teammate and golfing buddy Travis Shaw do a little show and tell: 

Good question, Travis. How does this happen? Did Mookie think the water was just really reflective ground? Did someone tell him that golf carts could float? Did he borrow Michael Scott's GPS? 

Nope -- it was simply the combination of gravity and a parking brake not fully applied. Here's Betts' explanation:

Just remember -- if you ever go golfing with Betts, pack your water wings.