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Come celebrate six years of Munenori Kawasaki with his best big league moments

You might not think that Jan. 4 is a significant date on the baseball calendar -- pitchers and catchers don't report for another few weeks, after all, and the Winter Meetings have come and gone.

But you would be incorrect, because it's actually one of the game's most hallowed anniversaries:

Six years ago today, Munenori Kawasaki -- muse, bard, middle infielder extraordinaire -- officially decided to come to the Major Leagues after 12 years in Japan. From seemingly the moment he stepped foot in America, Muni has brought joy and inspiration to all -- so what better time to look back on some of his most wonderful moments?

Like, for example, that time he serenaded some Blue Jays fans with a rendition of "O Canada:"

Or the time he brightened the Cubs' Spring Training experience with some headbands:

Along with some, uh, experimental karaoke:

He's also a master of preparation:


Which leads to some impressive results:


Need a quote? Simply put a microphone in front of Muni, and watch him cover everything from ghosts to ... buffalo puns:

And of course, no ode to Muni would be complete without dancing:


Just so, so much dancing:




Alas, Muni is back in Nippon Professional Baseball now, but no matter where he plays, he'll be dancing in our hearts forever.