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Zac Clark of 'Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness' used to play Wiffle ball with Matt Harvey

Lollapalooza is taking over Chicago, and the massive music festival has a baseball connection.

Zac Clark of Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness told about an old friend he spent long days playing Wiffle ball and backyard baseball with. You may know this childhood friend as Matt Harvey.

"He plays for the Mets now," Clark said playfully.


Clark also reminisced about the high school days when the two dreamed about reuniting in different cities, when the two would both be on the road doing what they love. .

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness performed on Friday at Lollapalooza, but there are still plenty of shows going on during the baseball season. will be at Lollapalooza all weekend long. Follow along and see what other bands had to say here.