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There's a decent chance Nathan Eovaldi is a cyborg

Each October, the MLB postseason belongs to someone or something. With so much good baseball packed into one month, it's sometimes tough to follow all the madness. So, we created the Baseball October Arbitrary Ranking Device (The B.O.A.R.D.) to keep track of it all.
It was really, really cold at Fenway Park for Game 2 of the World Series Wednesday night. But the wrath of Mother Nature did not impact Nathan Eovaldi one bit, as the Red Sox righty trekked out to the mound in the eighth inning without a sleeve in sight and delivered his second dominant relief performance in as many days.
Considering there's also a decent chance that Eovaldi, who has worked as a starter for basically his whole career, gets the start for Game 4 at Dodger Stadium, things are shaping up pretty well for him to be the story of the World Series.
While Eovaldi's pitching heroics and meteorological ambivalence were undeniably remarkable, did he do enough for him to snag the No. 1 spot on The B.O.A.R.D? Or did current king of the postseason Andrew Benintendi do enough to maintain the top slot? 
Watch the video at the top of the post to find out.