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Nats fan brings Bryce Harper sign to Philadelphia, gets rewarded with Bryce Harper souvenir

It's hard to be a fan of an out-of-town team. You can watch them on MLB.TV, of course, but opportunities to actually see your heroes in person are few and far between. So when that opportunity finally comes around, you need to go big -- and that's exactly what one Nats fan did on Sunday in Philadelphia.

A student at Temple, she wasn't content just to watch her Nationals take on the Phillies. She came prepared, with a spot in the right-field seats and a message: "Saturdays are for the boys, but Sundays are for Bryce" -- Harper, that is. And Harper, ever a man of the people, took notice and rewarded her with a souvenir:


The kicker? It was her birthday: 

At this point, the evidence is clear: If you want a baseball from Bryce Harper, all you have to do is ask. (Provided you're not a Mets fan, that is.)