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This young Nationals fan told Max Scherzer the secret to hitting home runs

Max Scherzer has thrown two no-hitters, struck out 20 batters in a game and signed the type of contract that makes traveling to space feasible.  

Like Thanos, there is one thing he's missing to make his gauntlet complete: a home run. While the career .192 hitter likely doesn't spend too much time worrying about it, it's also something his hitting coach, manager or life coach (if he has one) haven't been able to crack. 

Enter this young Nationals fan: 

The instructions are pretty spot-on, too: 

"1st you swing the bat very hard when the pitcher throws to you.
2nd you run all the way around the bases, but only if the ball is hit out of the field."

Think about those instructions: Does a pitcher swinging very hard and then running around the bases when the ball leaves the park sound familiar? Yeah, that's right, Bartolo Colon very likely is another disciple of this kid's school of baseball coaching. You can't buy a better endorsement. 


Scherzer is expected to take the mound on Wednesday against the Phillies and will have his next chance at putting these tips to work. Get swinging, Max. 

(h/t Big League Stew