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Nats fan in American flag tank top barehands Bryce Harper foul without dropping his ice cream

Something happened in Sunday's contest between the Reds and Nats at Nationals Park -- and we're not talking about Stephen Strasburg's 6 2/3 of no-hit baseball in his return from the disabled list, though that was impressive.
No, we're referring to the play made by one Nats fan down the left-field line in the sixth inning. Appropriately wearing a tank top emblazoned with the American flag, this man reached up to spear a Bryce Harper line drive with ease -- and didn't come close to spilling his little receptacle of frozen dairy confections, either. That's focus: 

If that's not a great way to celebrate the holiday weekend, we don't know what is. And as an added bonus, this guy now joins an ever-growing list of above-the-cut barehanded grabs made by fans in the stands this season.