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The Nationals trolled Bryce Harper when he got the name of their Triple-A affiliate wrong

On Tuesday, Bryce Harper made a comment about the Nationals' record. He said the team was "13-16 with the Syracuse Sky Chiefs" -- somewhat poking fun at the team, and also referring to the Nats as their Triple-A affiliate.
Here's the thing, though. The name of the team hasn't been the "Sky Chiefs" officially since 2012 -- they just go by the Chiefs now. And according to's Jamal Collier, Harper's teammates have been trolling the outfielder about his comment ever since.
The Nationals bullpen, especially, has been behind some of the trolling and Sean Doolittle said they've been doing Chiefs chants to Harper when he's in right field. And to really get the message across, most of the team sported Chiefs shirts prior to Friday's matchup against the Phillies:

It was all in good fun, and was an awesome troll job by the team.