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The Nationals selected a Missouri State pitcher named -- wait for it -- Trey Turner

The Nats currently enjoy having Trea Turner on the roster -- the shortstop is a linchpin of Washington's powerful offense at just 23 years of age, after all. 
Considering how well the addition of Turner (as the eventual PTBNL sent from the Padres in the Wil Myers trade) has gone for the Nats so far, they probably figured, "Why not just find another one?"
They did just that on Day 2 of the MLB Draft on Tuesday, selecting a right-handed pitcher from Missouri State named Trey Turner. No, really

Understandably, this selection raised some eyebrows around the league, specifically in the form of the Rockies' Twitter account:

Prompting a clever reply from @Nationals:

As for the pitcher, young Trey ... welcome to the organization!