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No big deal, Ned Yost just broke an actual stack of bricks with his bare hands

There are many ways to prepare for a baseball season. You could push a comically large tire around, for example, or run an obstacle course, or inherit the spiritual powers of your Hollywood idol
If you're the defending champs, though, maybe you take it easy a little bit. You're on top of the mountain, after all, so it's not like you have anything to prove ... unless you're Ned Yost, who, despite being the current toast of Kansas City, was so eager to motivate his team that he broke a stack of bricks with his bare hands. He's even got the scars to prove it:

The stunt was apparently part of a motivational event for the team organized by Donnie Moore, the team chaplain for the A's. Yost went with the two-fist-hammer approach, and managed to break four bricks right down the middle. And while this might seem like the world's best icebreaker, Yost himself seems unimpressed. As the manager said afterward: "Nothing to it, I can handle all the feats of strength."