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Nick Buss got some 'Angels in the Outfield' help on this foul-turned-fair chopper

Back in the early days of baseball, when rules were all kinds of wacky, Ross Barnes made a name for himself as the king of the "fair-foul hit." Using the then-legal ability to hit a ball fair, only to watch it later roll foul -- even in the infield -- the shortstop and second baseman won three batting titles in a career that spanned from 1871-81. 
While that rule may no longer exist, the Angels' Nick Buss paid homage to Barnes with an inverse version of the hit in the Angels' 3-2 victory over the Tigers on Saturday. In the top of the eighth, Buss pounded Alex Wilson's offering directly into the dirt outside the box.
Thanks to some crazy spin on the ball, or one of those pesky "Angels in the Outfield" guys pulling it into fair territory, it was not only a fair ball, but it bounced straight over Miguel Cabrera's head for a double. 

Honestly, you tell me that ball doesn't have Christopher Lloyd's supernatural hands all over it: