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Nick Markakis needed all of the palm of his glove to rob Trea Turner with a leaping catch

The Nationals beat the Braves, 5-2, on Thursday night, but the game might not have been that close without Nick Markakis. The two-time American League Gold Glove Award winner is still a steady presence in right field, using everything in his arsenal to make as many catches as he can.
In the bottom of the fifth, Trea Turner led off with a drive to deep right, sending Markakis back to the wall. It wasn't out of reach, though -- Markakis ran, leapt ...

... and pulled down the ball in the palm of his glove. Whatever works!
It was almost the opposite of a snow-cone catch since it was sticking out, albeit in the palm. The closest comparison might be accidentally dropping a scoop of ice cream, only to catch it with a loose plate.
No matter what you call it, it was some nifty glovework by Markakis.