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Matt Kemp's diving catch started a double play to keep the Marlins from scoring

If you missed Matt Kemp's epic catch on Saturday night during the Braves' 6-5 walk-off victory over the Marlins, don't worry, we got you. But there was more to it than just a great catch at full extension.

As you can see, the catch just about speaks for itself, but we don't want you to leave without more information. So gather around for story time.
It was at the top of the seventh inning and the teams were tied 5-5. Marcell Ozuna hit a line drive off José Ramirez (reliever)'s offering. Christian Yelich was making his way from second base to third, without tagging up, when he assumed the catch couldn't have been made. But … well, that wasn't the case. Yelich had rounded third base when he came to the realization that Kemp made the catch and was doubled up.

According to's Mark Bowman, after witnessing the catch, Ender Inciarte ran up to Kemp in awe of what he had just seen.
"Wow, that play was unbelievable. I told him right away, I don't know if I can make that play and he said, 'yeah, you can.' He's been in center field. He knows what he's doing and he can (make) those plays every once in a while."
Great catch, great throw and a great way to keep the Marlins from scoring. And just look how happy his teammates Freddie Freeman and Inciarte are.