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Noah Syndergaard throws so hard, he branded the chest of his own catcher

To know Noah Syndergaard is to know two things: 1) He's visited mankind from the mythical land of Asgard, and 2) he throws a baseball really, really hard. But just how hard is that, anyway? Sure, we can tell you that he consistently touches triple digits, or that he throws a 95-mph slider, or that he's somehow struck out more than 40 percent of batters this year. But those are just numbers on a screen -- we can read them, but we can't really understand them.
On Monday, though, we got a sign that was a bit more universal: Noah Syndergaard threw a pitch so hard that it branded his own catcher. You see, Kevin Plawecki just so happens to wear a necklace underneath his uniform, and that necklace just so happened to get in the way when he blocked a pitch with his chest protector:

Let's all take a moment to let that sink in: After hitting the ground, through a layer of padding and a uniform, a Noah Syndergaard pitch had so much on it that it imprinted itself into someone's chest. Prepare yourselves for the Thor singularity.
And, of course, the Mets beat the Phillies, 5-2, behind a seven-inning, eight-strikeout performance from the Norse god of throwing baseballs really hard.