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Which Met looked better during his rain-soaked workout: Noah Syndergaard or Tim Tebow?

Rain hit the Florida coast on Wednesday morning, forcing most players to continue their Spring Training work indoors. Except for Noah Syndergaard, that is:  

If anything, Mother Nature only seemed to make him stronger:

But while Thor is the god of thunder and everything, we couldn't help but cast our mind back to a different rainy workout involving a current member of the New York Mets organization. Remember that time Tim Tebow single-handedly halted all sports media coverage in America by jogging across a Jets practice field shirtless? Now you do. You're welcome:

Everywhere you looked, Shirtless Tebow was there. He was on talk shows. He was on tabloids. Someone even made a mashup featuring Bo Derek:

A lot has changed nearly seven years later. Tebow went from backup quarterback to dinger-mashing miracle man, and now he and Syndergaard find themselves together in Mets camp. Which begs the question: Which of the two had the better rain-soaked workout? Only you can decide: