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Noah Syndergaard got his hair cut for a TV cameo

Mets flamethrower and Avenger look-alike Noah "Thor" Syndergaard is notable around baseball for two reasons: His fastball and his hair. The young righty routinely touches triple digits with his heater, and his flowing blond locks make him a recognizable presence whenever he's on the mound.
But Wednesday afternoon, Thor tweeted out an ominous picture of himself in what looked to be a GASP barber's chair.

Sure, snipping off the locks worked for his rotation mate and National League Cy Young front runner Jacob deGrom, but there's no way that Syndergaard could really go full Samson on us, right?
Well, breathe easy Mets fans and fans of justice, it looks like it was only a slight trim.

The coolest part is that Syndergaard's trip to the barber was part of a guest appearance he's making on an episode of the History Channel show, "Vikings." This isn't the first time the long-locked baseballing mountain will grace the small screen: Syndergaard made a brief cameo on season seven of Game of Thrones.
I guess when you look as imposing as Syndergaard, you're a natural fit for television shows that include things like Vikings and spear-throwing soldiers.