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In his 'Game of Thrones' cameo, Lannister soldier Noah Syndergaard threw a strike with a spear

After months of heated anticipation, Mets fireballer Noah Syndergaard had his moment on Game of Thrones. (Note: The following may be considered 'spoilers' depending on your familiarity with show and its storyline, so proceed with caution). 
In the latest episode of the hit HBO series' seventh season, Syndergaard had a split-second cameo spot as a Lannister soldier in a battle sequence and he definitely made it count. Essentially winding up as if he were on the pitching mound, Thor reared back and absolutely delivered a strike to take down a Dothraki soldier's horse with a perfectly-located spear toss that even included his pitch face for good measure:

Kudos to the GoT showrunners for giving him a larger role than we expected him to have -- considering he wasn't just another soldier in the fray; rather, he got stuff done on the battlefield. That's impressive. 
And kudos to the Lannister Army for its efforts battling dragons, the real fireballers: