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Now you can visualize every starter in All-Star Game history

You probably know that the first official MLB All-Star Game was played in 1933, and you probably know that it was held at Comiskey Park. It was originally conceived as baseball's contribution to the Chicago World's Fair, but it was only meant to happen once.
Referred to as "the game of the century," it came with a twist -- fans got to vote on the players they wanted to see on the field. At the time, the idea of fan vote was extremely novel, and newspapers across the country published ballots for readers to fill out.
The contest proved so popular that it came back the next year, and the next, and the … well, you get it. Now you can see which teams have sent starters to the ASG. That long strip of Orioles logos on the AL chart? That's Cal Ripken Jr. (Click to enlarge.) 
That Giants stretch at center field on the NL chart? Well, that's Willie Mays, of course. 
When you're looking at the graphics, remember that from 1959 - '62, there were two All-Star Games per year, and there was no All-Star Game in 1945, due to travel restrictions during WWII.