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The NL All-Star starters have been announced, here are their top moments of the season so far

The time has run out to vote for your starting All-Stars and the results are in.
We took a look at some of the fun and exciting moments for the American League All-Stars, and now it's the National League's turn.
The two teams will battle it out during the 88th Midsummer Classic in Miami on July 11. Below, enjoy some of the leading vote-getters' best moments of the season so far.
Buster Posey, C, San Francisco Giants
Buster Posey has an affinity for hitting the ball -- and hitting the ball hard.
He also led the National League All-Star votes at the catcher's position by an exceptional amount. But that's what happens when you're slashing a .341/.418/.526 line and making it look so easy to hit home runs.

This will be Posey's fifth time sporting an All-Star jersey representing the Giants and if he keeps it up, there will be no surprise if he doesn't walk away with another Silver Slugger this season to add to an already impressive resume.
Ryan Zimmerman, 1B, Washington Nationals
The Nationals have the third-best record in the NL and that has a lot to do with first baseman Ryan Zimmerman.
He set franchise records in April in hits, doubles, homers, and just about any other offensive category.
On April 29, he blasted a 470-foot solo shot that was the longest at Nationals Park measure by Statcast. 
The 32-year-old is having a bounce back season with a .339 batting average with 19 home runs, good enough to earn him his second All-Star nod.

Daniel Murphy, 2B, Washington Nationals
Daniel Murphy got the go ahead to be the starter at second base for the National League, which shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone.
This will be Murphy's third All-Star selection, and comes after he began this season red hot, hitting in the .400's. He even hit a walk-off double on his bobblehead night. If that doesn't earn you All-Star honors, I don't know what does. 

Nolan Arenado, 3B, Colorado Rockies
Sure, having Coors Field behind you could be an ego boost, but Nolan Arenado will be the National League starting third baseman.
This will be Arenado's third All-Star selection over his five-year career and it's well deserved.
With a league-leading 27 doubles, and making phenomenal defensive gem plays, this was a no-brainer. 

Zack Cozart, SS, Cincinnati Reds
Zack Cozart received more than just fan support in his journey to be selected to the All-Star team, as teammate Joey Votto, four-time All-Star dressed like a donkey to gain some votes for Cozart.

Having nine home runs on the season and a .323./.405/.561 line certainly helps as well.
Charlie Blackmon, OF, Colorado Rockies
The two things you can be certain about when it comes to Charlie Blackmon are his beard, and his bat.

He also makes some heads up plays, and you can see in the GIF above.
He currently has a league-leading 104 hits and 10 triples all while hitting a .311/.365/.575 line with 17 home runs.
Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals
Bryce Harper had over 2 million votes by the time the polls closed, and it's no surprise. The Nationals continue to be one of MLB's top clubs, and he's a significant reason why.
The five-time All-Star and 2015 NL MVP has 18 home runs and a .313 batting average.
He likes walk-offs, and so do we.

Marcell Ozuna, OF, Miami Marlins
Rounding out the starting outfielders is Miami's own Marcell Ozuna.
The 26-year-old has 20 home runs on the season thus far and is slashing a .312/.555/.928 line with 55 RBIs.<o:p>

A couple of those home runs were in part thanks to Ichiro Suzuki's bat