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A's hooped on the Warriors' court and hit some trick shots worthy of the Splash Brothers

It's Saturday, a few hours before your final Spring Training game. Opening Day against the White Sox is just two days away. What do you do?
If you're the A's, you spend the morning impersonating the Golden State Warriors:

When you have one of the greatest NBA teams ever making history right next to your ballpark, how could you resist taking a few shots on their court?

"They had fun with it, that's the most important thing," manager Bob Melvin told's Jane Lee. "We try to do something every spring to mix it up a little bit." Plus, it's educational:
"You find out who the athletes are and who the athletes aren't."
The A's held their own team free throw and three-point contests, with pitchers Ryan Brasier and Chris Bassitt (who actually knows Klay Thompson and his family) taking home the top prizes. And just like Thompson and Steph Curry, the A's used their time at Oracle Arena one-upping each other with trick shots of escalating improbability.
First, John Axford hit an underhanded shot from the bleachers:

Then Josh Reddickbecame Curry:

Eat your hearts out, Splash Brothers ... or, you know, be super generous:

Additional reporting by's Jane Lee.