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On James Loney's 100th home run, one fan lost his hat and another walked away with a new one

It's an honor to catch something at a baseball game, and that's true whether it's a home run ball from your favorite player or a branded T-shirt fired from a cannon. Hey, no one has ever turned down free stuff. 

When James Loney hit his 100th career home run during the Mets' 6-2 victory over the Marlins on Friday night, one fan tried valiantly to catch the home run ball with his hat. Sadly, not only did he not come up with the ball, but he lost the cap, too. 

Fortunately, one fan did come out ahead, scooping up the hat on its downard journey. 


Miss that? Watch carefully and look for the reddish orange blob falling down the screen. 


What was the fan thinking when he caught the hat -- that Loney was some kind of baseball magician who turned home run balls into caps? Or was he only thinking, "Hats are falling from the heavens! What does this mean in a metaphysical sense?!" And whatever happened to the fan in the second deck -- did he purchase a new hat? Resign himself to a long suffering existence of bare heads? 

These are the pressing questions of the day. 

(h/t r/baseball