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A lone Cavaliers fan in Arizona was lucky enough to catch a Francisco Lindor home run ball

You know that Francisco Lindor is a great baseball player. You know that he has one of the best smiles in MLB. But did you also know that he loves to give souvenirs to fans? 

In the first inning of Friday's game against the D-backs, Lindor blasted a homer into the center-field seats. Now, you may think he was just trying to give his team an early lead (which, of course, he did), but that's not all he was up to. He clearly saw the only Cavaliers fan in Arizona out there in center, and wanted to make sure he was rewarded for his Cleveland sports team solidarity:


Adam Nassief, the fan who caught the ball, said it was one of the best experiences he'd ever had at Chase Field. 

"I really appreciate you hitting me that ball," he said, when asked if he had a message for Lindor. "I'd love to meet you someday, and maybe get an autograph." 

We think LeBron would approve:


Additional reporting by Angela Denogean, MLB Real-Time Correspondent.