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Orbit vs. Chris Archer Rd. 3: Orbit changes 'Team Archer' shirts to 'Team Archer Stinks'

Orbit and Chris Archer have had a series-long battle of epic proportions this week in Houston. The Rays pitcher started things off with an official "Declaration of Unfriendliness" on Monday. Orbit fired back with some laxative sabotage on Tuesday, and then, before Wednesday's game, there was an all-out water balloon war
Before Thursday's finale between the two teams, the fearsome foes decided that maybe the fans should decide which side is the victor (although, they weren't really on neutral ground). They would shoot out T-shirts and see who wore what:

Orbit already had the shirt guns loaded up pregame and, as expected, there was mascot tomfoolery at work. Archer's T-shirt did not read "Team Archer," but in fact, it read "Team Archer Stinks."

Brilliant move. Let's hope the two teams meet up in the postseason just to see what Archer does next.