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Orbit showed Mike Trout that he's not the only one with a bottle of Secret Stuff

On Sunday night, we learned that Mike Trout was a big fan of "Space Jam" and had taken a page out of Michael Jordan's book and procured a batch of Michael's Secret Stuff to help fuel himself.
Prior to Tuesday night's Astros-Angels game, Orbit showed Trout that he too had access to some Secret Stuff of his own.

Judging by the color of the stuff, it seems safe to say that Orbit's Secret Stuff is a bit different from Trout's Secret Stuff.

Trout's Secret Stuff still seems to be effective as he hit his 10th home run of the season in the first inning.
If both the Astros and Angels have access to this Secret Stuff, the race for the AL West could get even more exciting. We're excited to find out who has the better recipe for Secret Stuff.