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We all deserve a love as deep and pure as this Orioles fan and his first foul ball

Are you in love? I mean, are you really in love? As humans, we all seek that feeling. Unencumbered bliss, euphoria and attachment, the kind that knows no bounds and withstands all obstacles.

Love can come in many forms, though. Going to the ballpark as a young fan, you set your sights on a number of things. Maybe an autograph from your favorite player, sure. But definitely a foul ball. The concept of snagging a foul ball is a dream, and it doesn't happen to everybody. If it chooses you, however, it can be a special kind of love.

It happened to this young man in the Orioles' 8-1 win over the Royals on Wednesday night, after a foul was blasted into the upper deck. He ran over to the area and emerged with his new favorite possession, and ... he was over the moon.

Now, I have snared a foul ball or two in my life over the years. I used a glove each time, so once you put your pitchforks down and are willing to listen, I'll tell you: I felt like this kid. It's a surreal feeling, first seeing the ball actually heading toward you and then, somehow, ending up with it.

It's an indescribable feeling, to be honest. But this O's fan's display more or less captures its essence.

Enjoy that ball, kid!