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The Orioles turned their second triple play of the year with an incredibly smooth 5-4-3

Life comes at you fast. James McCann learned that as he stepped into the box in the top of the second inning of Thursday's Tigers-Orioles game. After all, runners were on first and second with nobody out, so the Tigers' run expectancy for the inning was 1.44
McCann worked the count against Orioles starter Chris Tillman to 3-2. One more ball and the bases would be loaded with no outs. The thousands of games in the Majors from 2010 to 2015 predicted that the Tigers would score 2.29.  
But with one swing of the bat, all of that changed. Because Tillman threw just the right pitch and McCann hit the ball just hard enough to just the wrong spot and to just the wrong man. After fielding the ball, Manny Machado quickly raced to third for the first out, threw to second for out number two before the relay was completed at first base

It was the Orioles' second triple play on the year -- and was a lot cleaner than the one they turned in May. 

Oddly enough, despite the O's turning two this year, it's the first one the team pulled off at Camden Yards since the park opened in 1992: 

If they can turn one more this year, they'll match the 2016 White Sox as the last teams to turn three in a season since the 1979 A's and Red Sox. Their best chance could come in one of two series they have against the Mariners this month. According to Fangraphs' baserunning metric, UBR, the Mariners are the second-worst team in the Majors when running the bases. Given how rare and weird triple plays are, though, there's little chance of predicting one unless you're a psychic.