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Marcell Ozuna homered in back-to-back games while using Ichiro Suzuki's bat

It's long been rumored that Ichiro Suzuki could homer at will. But what if it's not Ichiro that has the power, but his bat? Marcell Ozuna may be proof of that. 

On Tuesday, the Marlins outfielder homered. On Wednesday, he went deep again. The one common thing? Ichiro's bat. Or, as Ozuna calls it, his "magic bat." 


That second one was even seemingly pulled over the fence by mystical forces as Ozuna inside-outed it to the opposite field. 

Ozuna talked to's Joe Frisaro after Tuesday's 7-2 victory. "After practice, I asked [Ichiro], 'Hey, can I use one of your bats?' He was like, 'For what? For signing?' I said, 'No, to use tonight,'" Ozuna said. "He said, 'You have to use it in practice first.' I said, 'I'm going to use it right in the game.'"

Even though Ozuna didn't hit one in Friday's 3-2 loss, it still looks like that was the right decision. Of course, given how well Ichiro cares for his bats, it's no surprise that this wood is magical.

Now, if Ozuna starts homering and collecting 250 hits a season, we'll know something weird is going on.