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Ozzie Albies' throw to first squibbed its way toward home plate, and everybody laughed

If you watched the second inning of the Mariners' 6-5 win over the Braves Monday night at SunTrust Park, you witnessed something pretty zany -- if you paid close attention, that is. 
On a 3-2 pitch from Mike Foltynewicz, Seattle's Mitch Haniger hit a grounder up the middle. Perched around the second-base bag, Ozzie Albies grabbed the ball, stepped on the bag and threw to first to complete the double play. Er, that is, he wanted to do that. This happened instead:  

Yes, you saw that correctly. Albies' motion threw to first, but the ball bailed and bounded toward the plate. As seen in the full clip atop this post, first baseman Freddie Freeman couldn't help but laugh. Same for Albies and shortstop Dansby Swanson:

Good times.