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Rays first-base coach Ozzie Timmons stays in shape by doing pushups when the Rays score

One of the best strategies for maintaining a workout schedule is to make it part of one's daily routine. Maybe that means joining the gym you pass on the way home from work or starting every day with a run. Either way, it's a scheduled event.
Rays first base coach Ozzie Timmons has taken an interesting spin on that advice. After returning to the dugout from his coaching duties, Timmons does 10 pushups for every run the Rays scored the previous inning. To add to the challenge, players sometimes add weight in the form of peanuts and sunflower seeds:

During Wednesday's 6-1 win over the Yankees, then, Timmons did a total of 60 pushups during the game. That's not a bad day at the gym.
Timmons' fitness ritual provides yet another example of the team utilizing the dugout as a continuation of the gym. Earlier this season, both Mallex Smith and Ji-Man Choi used the space for workouts after they each narrowlymissed home runs