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Mallex Smith's homer wasn't a homer, so he did some push-ups to improve his chances next time

Mallex Smith almost had his first home run of the season -- but some things happened. 
In the bottom of the third inning during Saturday's Mariners-Rays game, Smith smacked a hard line drive to right field. It bounced off the top of the wall and back into Mitch Haniger's glove, so the broadcast team said it was ruled a home run by one of the umpires. It appeared everyone on the field assumed the same thing:

"Finally," he told's Scott Butherus after seeing the home run signaled. 
Unfortunately, after review, the umpires made the call and Smith had to settle for an RBI triple. Still, somehow he reacted with a smile. Well, some form of a smile:

He then realized that in order to make sure the ball is hit far enough so there's no question it's a home run, you have to get some push-ups in:

"I just barely got it over so I thought if I did a few more pushups it would have skimmed the top instead of bouncing back in," Smith said.
Next time, Mallex?