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Dee Gordon's shocked face after being called out can apply to pretty much any situation

Dee Gordon has style. No matter which position he plays on the diamond, the Mariners' center fielder/second baseman is a bastion of energy and emotion out there (even staying late after games to work on his hitting). 
In Seattle's 3-1 win over the Rays on Saturday night (pulling them into a tie atop the AL West with the Astros), he hit a chopper to shortstop. Now, Gordon is very fast, so you might imagine he was surprised to find out he was called out at first base -- the second out of a double play. 
Yes, he was quite shocked indeed: 

After a replay review the call was reversed, but time will never rob us of that reaction. 
We'll go out on a limb and assume this is also how Dee reacts to mind-blowing plot twists in his favorite TV shows.
Or seeing a car zip into a parking spot he was eyeing.
Or when it's finally his turn at the deli counter and they're all out of wings. 
Or when the weather forecast says it won't rain, so he leaves his umbrella at home ... and it rains. 
We've all been there.