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This is the saga of the Padres broadcaster's scorecard that blew into the stands

Baseball tradition holds that when a ball flies into the stands, it's property of the fan who retrieves it. If said baseball represents a milestone, the fan will often trade it back to the player for autographed memorabilia.
But what's the etiquette when a broadcaster's scorecard blows into the stands? Thanks to Padres radio play-by-play voice Ted Leitner, we now have precedent.

Leitner's scorecard blew away during a windy fourth inning in Saturday's Cactus League game against Milwaukee (which the Brewers won, 5-3). It landed in the lap of "Dan in section 106."

Dan was apparently nice enough to offer to return it. By then, however, Leitner had begun to use a replacement scorecard.
Instead, the Padres' radio crew -- yesterday comprised of Leitner, Jesse Agler and Tony Gwynn Jr. -- followed the age-old baseball tradition.

Evidently, in-game autographed memorabilia isn't limited to bats and balls.
AJ Cassavell covers the Padres for Follow him on Twitter @ajcassavell.