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A Padres fan brought a giant glove to Petco Park and was ecstatic when he caught a foul ball

There's coming to baseball game prepared to catch a foul ball and then there's what one Padres fan did after scoring tickets to the team's Friday night game at Petco Park against the Mets. Some come to the park barehanded and leave with a souvenir:

Others simply adapt on the fly with whatever they have available, whether it's a hat ...

... or a popcorn bucket:

Odds are, though, most of the catches come with a good, old-fashioned glove:

This Padres fan, however, was a visionary. Why settle for a normal-sized glove when you can bring an enormous one that would be more well-suited to the likes of NBA star Joel Embiid?
It came in handy on Friday night ...

... and he was pumped up.
May we all strive to be as happy as this fan after catching that foul ball.