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Padres fan makes smooth barehanded catch, saves his BBQ dinner and is rewarded with a kiss

It can be a tough ask for fans to be ready to catch foul balls in the very first inning. After all, some are arriving straight from work or elsewhere and haven't had a chance to eat dinner yet. They might not be ready.
Well, one fan at the Padres' 3-0 win over the Cardinals on Thursday night was prepared, even though the crowd also trying to reach the ball didn't even have food to trouble them, as he did. Erick Aybar was batting with the bases loaded and two outs against Lance Lynn, trying to stay alive on a 1-2 count.
Aybar fouled Lynn's pitch off to the right side, and it sunk quickly toward the back of a group of fans. The man in the back had the best chance to catch it, but he was also holding onto a tray of delicious barbecue food.
No sweat:

Not only did he catch the ball -- he didn't spill any of his food! No matter what happens on the field, that has to be the play of the game, and his hard work saving the day was rewarded with a smooch.
The other people in his section should at least also get some barbecue to commiserate.