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Erick Aybar didn't come up with a foul ball headed for the stands, so he hugged a young fan instead

When you're at the ballpark as a patron, you're constantly reminded to remain alert at all times -- and if you're sitting along the first-base or third-base lines, well, you have to really pay attention. You never know what might happen
In the second game of Saturday's Dodgers-Padres doubleheader at Petco Park, third baseman Erick Aybar provided another amusing and unexpected moment while pursuing a foul ball that landed in the seats. Aybar didn't come down with the baseball, but he did hug a young fan in the front row ... because why not, right?

Maybe Aybar's momentum was carrying him toward the kid, or maybe he just wanted a hug. Everybody likes hugs, so this is one lucky kid. And in San Diego, where Yangervis Solarte has reached into the stands for foul balls, only to come down with nacho cheese and smiles, this is becoming a bit of a thing. 
A fun, wonderful thing. 
After the game, Aybar had this to say of his hug, delivered through the team's interpreter to's Nathan Ruiz: 
"He was just a kid. I think it's a blessing. It's a blessing to have kids and to have that. It's the first time it's happened to me. As a baseball player, when you have fans there like that -- again, it's the first time it's happened -- but you have someone that close and did it, it's a blessing."