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The Padres continue assembling a fantasy front office by hiring Hideo Nomo

Having already hired Takashi Saito as the most overqualified intern in the world earlier this offseason, the Padres are just continuing to put together the fantasy front office of your dreams. On Thursday, the team announced that they had hired Hideo Nomo as an advisor for baseball operations. Nomo said in a statement: 
"I am very happy to join the San Diego Padres and return to Major League Baseball. My hope is that my advice will be handed down to the young players of the Padres. It is also an opportunity for me to learn, and I hope to help bring a World [Series] championship to the Padres. I look forward to working with A.J Preller and all of the Padres' baseball operations staff."
The former pitcher with the amazing windup will largely focus on player development along with their presence in the Pacific Rim. But really, I just like to imagine him being in the office -- going into his full twisting motion whenever he needs to hand someone a copy of the memo he wrote, or going with his high stretch whenever a light bulb needs changing. 

Of course, if this commercial is any indication, he'll also be the best person to turn to during thermostat arguments. I think.