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The Padres' team bus didn't show up, so they rode to AT&T Park on a double-decker tour bus

On Sunday, the Padres gathered at the team hotel, preparing to get on the team bus and head down to AT&T Park for their series finale with the Giants. There was a slight problem, however.
The team bus didn't show up. 

Faced with a transportation crisis, not to mention the high cost of using a ride-share app for such a large group, the team improvised in the best way possible: It chartered a double-decker tour bus and enjoyed a leisurely ride through San Francisco in the crisp morning air. 

This journey happened just as the city was preparing to host its Pride Parade, so the team's police escort led the bus through various closed-off streets set up for the parade. Folks gathered early for Pride on the city streets saw this, and applauded and cheered the Padres as they rode by in the bus.

Their joyride through S.F. eventually came to an end when the bus pulled up to AT&T Park.

"It was actually really cool," Wil Myers told's AJ Cassavell of the surprise trip. "It was funny, with the bus being late TJ really came through with something pretty cool for us. It was just a cool experience."