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Enter the Upside Down: Braves played 'Stranger Things' theme song for Wil Myers' at-bat

At this point, you probably know the heroic tale of Will Byers. The young boy in Hawkins, Ind., who was abducted by a Demagorgon, dragged into The Upside Down and rescued by his friends. What we're talking about is, of course, not real life (we think), but the hit TV show "Stranger Things."
And during the Padres-Braves series this weekend, at the suggestion of a fan, SunTrust Park organist Matthew Kaminski played the show's theme song when the similarly-sounding Wil Myers walked up to the plate. You can hear it in one of Myers' at-bats from the Braves' 9-2 win on Sunday above. The Stranger Things/MLB fan contingent was very excited. 

Hopefully this doesn't mean that Myers, off to a fantastic start, will now disappear into another dimension. We can only imagine what his mom's reaction might be.