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Paul Wall has fulfilled his promise and is sending 40 'World Champs' grillz to the Astros

(Clair, Michael)

The grillz are coming, the grillz are coming! Now that the Astros have won the World Series, rapper Paul Wall has fulfilled his promise and is sending custom grillz to the entire Astros team. 
Designed by Johnny Dang, the grillz creator to the stars, there are 40 being sent to both the players and coaching staff. Based on the listed price of some of the other grillz created by Dang, this gift would likely retail at $80,000-plus. Dang also revealed that it takes his team about five hours for each grill, so this project took about 200 hours. Not a bad little World Series gift. 
Check them out below: 

While teams in the past have worn gold-trimmed jerseys when they take the field the year after their World Series victory, we can't wait to see the Astros do so with their golden grillz proclaiming "World champs." That's the type of thing that could just make the opposing team give up right then and there. Because you can't beat someone with that much shiny style.