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Welcome to The Grill: Aaron Judge should win MVP, but not Rookie of the Year

Welcome to The Grill, Cespedes Family BBQ's very own test kitchen, where the only things on the menu are sizzling hot baseball takes. If you're looking for the lukewarm takes traditionally served elsewhere, you've come to the wrong place. Here at The Grill, we serve our takes so blazing you should have to sign a waiver. Check out our previous episodes on why the Angels need to release Mike Trout why Mark Prior deserves a Cubs World Series ring, and why the Astros need to move José Altuve to first base
It's no secret that Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge has had a rookie season for the ages, launching tape-measure shots in Major League parks across America all season long. In addition to the long balls, Judge has exhibited excellent plate discipline, leading the American League in walks and on-base percentage. 
Judge will surely receive a lot of support for the AL MVP Award when the time comes. And deservedly so! What is troubling, however, is that this 25-year, 146-day old, 6-foot-7 behemoth of a baseball player is being penciled in as the favorite for American League Rookie of the Year. Check out the video above to find out why this isn't the right call.