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Paulo Orlando won the offseason when he got this giant self portrait tattooed on his back

You remember Paulo Orlando as the Royals rookie who made his Major League debut -- after 10 seasons in the Minors -- and promptly hustled his way to five triples in his first seven games. The dude was a three-bag machine:

It was a big season for Orlando, who notched three knocks in 11 at-bats in the 2015 postseason as his Royals won the World Series. So how does a man who finally made it to the bigs, cranked out a bunch of triples and helped his team with the Fall Classic, commemorate such a momentous year? By getting a giant self-portrait tattooed on his back, that's how:

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Quase Pronto! Com @eldontattoo aqui na 😬

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The finished product includes the date of his debut, but sadly doesn't move to play the above GIF of his triple when you tilt it in the light, because that technology doesn't exist (or at least isn't accessible yet).