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Jersey Shore's Pauly D threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Marlins Park

Marlins / Twitter

Miami may be a ways away from the Jersey Shore, but the home of the Marlins could not escape a special appearance by someone who embraces the gym, tans and laundry.

Prior to Friday's Braves-Marlins game, DJ Pauly D from MTV's Jersey Shore made a special appearance and threw out the first pitch. And it appeared to be a very successful outing:


His hair didn't move so it seemed his blowout survived the humidity -- and he even incorporated a fist pump, but of course. 

During his appearance, Marlins infielder Derek Dietrich had a quick meet and greet with Pauly D:

"I didn't watch [Jersey Shore] that often." Derek Dietrich told's Joe Firsaro, "But I always got that comparison to that guy, for some reason. I guess it was because of the gell and the hair. I didn't have the tattoos back then. Hopefully, my grandmother won't read this. She doesn't know I have tattoos. My mom has not revealed that to her in two years. I guess we have a small resemblance. It must be the gel in our hair."

Sometimes, game recognizes game -- they do kind of look alike don't they?

Yeahhhhh, buddy.