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Steve Pearce completed a 3-6-3 double play while lying on the ground

It's far too common in life that things don't go according to plan. Despite giving yourself a bunch of extra time to drive to the job interview, you find yourself in traffic from a major crash. Halfway through cooking a meal, you learn that one of the ingredients you planned on using has gone bad. 

The traffic doesn't represent the end of your career prospects nor does the spoiled ingredient necessarily ruin the meal. What matters is how you react to the plan going awry.

In the seventh inning of Friday's 4-3 win over the Twins, Red Sox first baseman Steve Pearce thought he had an easy 3-6-3 double play on a groundball from Eddie Rosario. When he slipped on his retreat to first base, he adjusted his plan so he could still make the out. And, Xander Bogaerts threw it perfectly to the only place Pearce would be able to catch it:


With Pearce sprawled over the base, Rosario had to leap to avoid trampling the first baseman. Pearce was clearly relieved to escape that close call relatively unscathed.


After the stress of recovering from a fall to get an out and narrowly avoiding getting stepped on, we'll forgive Pearce if he took a couple moments to collect himself.