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Why does Pedro Strop have a custom Jose Quintana Colombian soccer jersey?

Pedro Strop has long been one of the most ambitious and unapologetically flashy dressers in baseball. The man has chains so bright you can probably see them from space, prints so outrageous they'd make your grandmother's wallpaper blush and a deep arsenal of eye-catching accessories. His fashion sense is so legendary around the Cubs clubhouse that in 2018 the entire team dressed up as Strop for a road trip.

Strop's most recent contribution to the world of style falls more into the sportswear category, but that shouldn't detract from the incredible custom José Quintana Colombia soccer jersey he was rocking on his Instagram story Wednesday.

This amazing kit first popped up on Strop's Instagram over the summer, when he and fellow Cubs Javy Baez and Randy Rosario rocked the unis to show support for Quintana's home country during the World Cup. But not until now did we realize that all of these uniforms are graced with the Colombian pitcher's name on the back.
So even though there's something slightly curious about a Dominican baseball player wearing a soccer jersey of another country with the name of a fellow baseball player on the back, it all actually makes a ton of sense.