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Peter Bourjos proved that sometimes sliding into first base is the right thing to do

"Don't slide into first base," baseball pundits often say. But sometimes, especially if you're as fast as Peter Bourjos, it might be the right move.
The aforementioned speedster on the Rays opted for that technique and employed it to perfection in the second inning of Wednesday's10-6 loss to the Marlins at Tropicana Field, with first baseman Justin Bour closing in on Bourjos as he raced toward first base.
Instead of allowing himself the ignominy of being tagged out, Bourjos hit the dirt for an evasive move ... but he overslid the bag! Oh no, he'll surely be tagged out now. There's just no way he'll --

Again, Bourjos is fast, and can apparently apply brakes with his hands to slow himself down and scamper to safety. The rest of us? Well, we probably couldn't do this.